About Us

Meet HoodiePillow®, the genius patented invention of founder Chris Hindley. Whether you're a light sleeper, night-shift worker, frequent traveler, looking for added warmth or privacy, or just trying to catch some shut-eye while your significant other reads a book or watches TV, the HoodiePillow® pillowcase and the Travel HoodiePillow® inflatable neck pillow are for YOU!

Our Story

Chris Hindley, HoodiePillow® Founder

Chris Hindley - HoodiePillow Co-FounderAfter bringing his triplet daughters home from the hospital, HoodiePillow® founder Chris Hindley was desperate for uninterrupted sleep. Late night feedings kept everyone up all hours of the night so they had to catch shut-eye whenever they had the chance. 

Hindley created the first HoodiePillow® pillowcase to catch a nap during the day while his daughters slept. Friends and family immediately began asking for their own HoodiePillows after seeing his invention. Hindley quickly realized that the HoodiePillow® was needed by so many more people than just sleep deprived parents - light sleepers, night shift workers, college students, children and adults with autism who like to feel "cocooned," hospital patients, traveling sports teams... and the list goes on. Hindley was granted a patent for his invention in 2012 and in June of that year, HoodiePillow® launched.

In September of 2012, Hindley and HoodiePillow® co-founder Rebecca Rescate were selected from over 40,000 applicants to fly to Los Angeles to appear in an episode of ABC's wildly popular reality series Shark Tank. In addition to presenting the HoodiePillow® pillowcase to the Sharks, Hindley and Rescate also premiered the Travel HoodiePillow® inflatable travel neck pillow in the episode. This episode originally aired on February 8, 2013 and re-aired on June 14, 2013. Curious if the Sharks invested? Visit Shark Tank's site and watch episode 415.

Rebecca Rescate, HoodiePillow® Co-Founder

Rebecca Rescate - HoodiePillow Co-FounderHoodiePillow® co-founder Rebecca Rescate is no stranger to marketing unique products. Rescate began her entrepreneurial career when she launched her first product in 2005, the patented CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. Her invention became an overnight success and by 2010, the product was available in hundreds of stores nationwide as well as seen in press outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and much more.

In 2011, Rescate made her prime-time TV debut when she appeared on ABC's hit show Shark Tank to pitch CitiKitty. She left "the Tank" with both nationwide recognition and a deal with Shark Kevin Harrington. Her appearance on the show caught the attention of HoodiePillow® founder Chris Hindley and he approached her with his invention, the HoodiePillow® pillowcase. 


Hindley and Rescate struck a partnership in 2012 and began the quest to make HoodiePillow available nationwide to those needing more comfort, warmth and relaxation in their lives. As for her 2013 appearance on Shark Tank, Rescate is still pinching herself that the producers selected HoodiePillow®, thus making Shark Tank history as the first entrepreneur to pitch two separate products on the television series.