Why People Love It

Yep, that’s right. We’ve officially changed the way you lounge and sleep forever. No word exists to fully explain the feeling the HoodiePillow™ brand pillowcase provides so we went ahead and made one up: “Cocoonification™”. Think cocoons are just for caterpillars? Think again, my friend. Think again…

Only the HoodiePillow™ can provide ultimate cocoonification™, helping you tuck away the stresses of your day. It supplies warmth, quiet, focus, and a healthy sleep environment. Whether you’re browsing the Interwebs, curling up with a good book, dozing on the couch, watching TV, gearing up for some concentrated study or simply looking to get some uninterrupted shut-eye, the HoodiePillow™ pillowcase is the
perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience.

HoodiePillow - Customer 1What are Customers Saying? 

"I have been using HoodiePillow to block out light in the morning.
More sleep = happiness."

- Christian

"HoodiePillow combines my two favorite things in one."
- Stephanie

 "I use HoodiePillow while my wife has the light on reading
in the bed. I just pull the drawstrings and zzzzz."

- David

"I used HoodiePillow every day when going through chemo.
Thank you for bringing comfort to a difficult time!"
- Chrissy

HoodiePillow - Customer 2

"It was hard enough to get out of bed before HoodiePillow
:) - thanks guys
- Paul

"I have fallen in love with the HoodiePillow earbuds option."
- Ethan

"I can't decide if my HoodiePillow or my iPad is my
favorite gift this year."

- Colton

"How did I live without HoodiePillow before? Finally sleep!"

- Alie